Selling? Blue bathrooms are the way to go

According to market research done by Zillow,  homes with blue bathrooms sell for more money.  Light blues have the best bang for their buck, so what shades to choose?  Here’s some ideas for you to get you started. All five colors are Benjamin Moore, from left to right, Beach Glass, Wythe Blue, Wedgewood Gray, Wolf Gray, and Stratton Blue.

I like Palladian Blue and Beach Glass, both by Benjamin Moore.

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

What is is about the color blue that helps homes sell? 

Blue reminds people of the sky and the ocean, perhaps vacation?  In color psychology it is known to invoke feelings of calmness.  Tests show people are more productive in blue rooms.  Blue is a power color for clothing and emotes loyalty.  

It’s definitely important to choose the right blue for your space.  I choose one blue for an accent wall, got it on and went YUCK!  So went back to the tried and true Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  There’s nothing wrong with trial and error, that is exactly how we all learn what we like.

Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore


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